A lot better!

Sunday May 20 2007

Well last night in the tent was a LOT better. We put Lola in the portable crib, so away from me and she slept for longer periods of time (though up at 5.30) and Dad, God bless him, took her in the house and Charlie and me slept for a while longer.

Apart from the grocery shop, I didn’t do much today (though that doesn’t mean the same as when I didn’t have kids. Now it means that I actually sat and watched some TV in between the kids demands rather than do the housework and child activities!!). It rained all day too, which was great so I didn’t feel guilty that I should be outside playing or something!

My mission tonight…………not to breast-feed Lola. She is 15 months old, it is time she slept ALL NIGHT. It is time I slept all night!

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  1. helloooooooooooooo xxxx

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