Charlie’s speech

Friday May 18, 2007

So today was Charlie’s evaluation to see whether he qualifies for special Ed pre-school in the Fall. (For anyone who doesn’t know, Charlie wasn’t talking at two so he entered a Early learning program, which is why he now being evaluated). It went really well and his speech is now exactly where it should be which is great news. Apparently the rule of thumb is, that they should say the same number of words in a sentence that they are years old. As Charlie can say three word sentences and he isn’t even three yet he is doing well. I won’t get any results back for a couple of weeks but it looks like he will be graduating at the end of summer. This is great news as the really seemed to love the pre-school I have picked for him and he can now go there instead of the special Ed pre-school. It is amazing how you spend months worrying about something, in this case, Charlie’s speech and now, you know what, he won’t shut up!

It is so beautiful here in the Northwest. I was driving home along highway 30, the kids asleep, eating my fries, listening to classical music in a very “happy place”. Life has changed since kids, the small things now make me very happy and for that I am extremely grateful.

Lola did a couple more steps today and without any coaching too! She is so small it is going to be so CUTE seeing her totter around. She is already starting to talk and her favorite word is MINE. Everything is mine, mine, mine (she reminds us of the seagulls in “Finding Nemo”) with the reaching and screaming to back it up until it becomes hers! She is quite the high maintenance girl but we adore her nevertheless!

Today’s outside activity was spraying Kool-Aid on paper but it didn’t go as planned! First it was windy so I got more Kool-Aid on me than the paper and the colors really didn’t come out well so we went to plan B. This was running cars through paint. The kids loved this and we will definitely do this again. Bath time was followed straight after as Lola was totally covered in paint. She moved her body through the paint more than the car. photos at flickr.

Tonight in preparation for our camping trip next weekend we are sleeping outside in our tent………….wish us luck!

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  1. I am not sure if you will get this comment….but my name is Brenda and I found your blog through the Monday menu posts on Im an organizing junkie’s blog. I had to check your blog out when I saw what your title was.
    I currently have a toddler 2 years 3 months old, and he is currently taking speech thereapy. He will say two words in a row but you have to coach him. If he does say two words in a row it is not clear at all. But atlest he is trying.
    I can’t wait to finally say “Please be quite” because he is talking non-stop! LOL! I am praying for that day!

    I have enjoyed reading your blog entries….and you are brave camping with two toddlers! WOW!!!

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