Can you do it all?

Tuesday May 22 2007

Kir I got your comment…………..hopefully we will talk soon or you can write me some other comments. Miss ya

Leah and me had some errands to run in Portland so we also took the kids to the zoo. Why is it that errands with kids ALWAYS take longer than you think??? My kids hate errands and I usually avoid them because of this, am I wrong? Should I force them to accept this fact of life putting us all through hell or should I avoid them (as much as possible) thus giving them their way but saving me plenty of headaches (but making me miss out on some things I want to do)……….mmmmm I am sure there are many different opinions on this but I know I am being soft on them (and me!) Anyway, finally we got to the zoo just before naptime. I was amazed, I expected trouble but the kids were very well behaved especially Leah’s two. It was packed when we arrived as it turns out it was school day. Apparently there were over two thousand kids there but lucky for us they were all on their way out! It is so hard to keep track of your kids when there are thousands of other “little people” about so I was glad they all left.

So I am struggling with the “how to do it all” question. I want to do so much, blogging, quilting, being a great mother who does all sorts of activities with her kids, a great wife, an awesome cook, have a clean, very organized house, spend time with friends, to name only a few of the things I want to do but “amazingly” I am struggling!!! I feel that I touch briefly on most things but are unable to be great in any area, maybe this is just life???? I keep thinking that if I get a well-organized schedule and keep to it, I will be able to fit it all in but as of yet I haven’t found the schedule that I can keep to. Anyone out there doing it all who wants to tell me the secret????? 

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