Menu Plan Monday

Monday 21 May 2007


I am planning to join a blogger group who post their weekly menus on Mondays and I thought this week I would practice before I join. I have wanted to plan my dinners on a weekly basis for a while now but I could never get it together, so I am hoping this will sort of “force my hand”. I hate the 2 – 3pm panic of “what the hell am I going to make for dinner” and the “I am so bored of that!”. Also I know it will help me keep down costs on the weekly grocery shop (I don’t have to throw a bit of everything in as I have no idea what I’ll need!). I love this idea and reading their blogs gives me plenty of new ideas (sometimes cooking the meal seems like the easy part!)

Anyway here is my menu for this week

Monday – tacos

Tuesday – Ham & Rice

Wednesday – easy does it spaghetti

Thursday – Roast chicken, roast potatoes, veg and gravy

Friday – Pizza night

Saturday – bbq (camping trip)

Sunday – bbq (camping trip)

Playgroup morning. In the Fall the three oldest kids will all be in pre-school so playgroup may have to stop (I will still see them but just not an organized playgroup thing) . It is so sad and made me realize how fast time flies and that they don’t stay babies very long.


Oh and by the way I failed in my mission……………..I did breastfeed Lola last night. Another night maybe….

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