No Cleaning

Well I got my answer to “how to do it all”. The answer is you don’t. Life is about making choices and it’s up to you to make the right choices for you. So I am choosing not to do any housework (at this moment I am choosing to blog and not to clean) LOL. Shortly after I wrote Tuesday’s blog I found these blogs and thought you might enjoy them. I found it comforting that other moms are going through the same issues as me. Basically it seems everyone is struggling with the same dilemma…..who would have thought LOL and it appears that houseworks isn’t top of anyones list!

Blessed beyond measure

Kisses of sunshine

My quiet corner

This morning I have been trying to pack for our weekend camping trip. Talk about being overwhelmed.  Apparantely you need the entire house if you are taking two toddlers camping (well that is if you are me………ask my husband and all they need is two pairs of pants, a pair of shorts and a waterproof outfit!). But luckily for my kids I am packing there clothes.

Back to the packing and maybe some painting with the kids……………but guess what? no cleaning today……….maybe tomorrow………maybe!

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