Don’t do this activity with your toddlers!

Well my kid activity didn’t go too well yesterday (yes, yes I know I should have cleaned!). I had read about a great idea of putting corn syrup on paper and letting the kids move it all over the paper with their fingers. Then you give them dried paint to blend in and when it dries, it has a satin finish to it. I used KoolAid instead of paint due to Lola still putting EVERYTHING in her mouth. Well………………I think this activity is for kids older than one and two! I did it outside as I expected a mess and for their clothes never to be wearable in public again BUT it just turned out to be a horrible mess and the kids had to be thrown in the bathtub within 5 minutes and left there for about 20 minutes (well not left but you know what I mean!!!) for the KoolAid to come off. I went outside this morning and apparantely the ants had a great time last night with our sugary mix!

I had my “mommy helper” this morning so I able to finish some more packing and a little housework. I can’t believe how packing for a two day camping trip has taken a week to prepare for! Hopefully it will get easier as we intend to do a lot of camping this year if the kids like it.

Lola and Charlie have colds so we are hoping they are able to enjoy the weekend. It doesn’t appear to have been fifth disease but early days yet.

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