Weekend Camping Trip

So lessons were learnt and fun was had! We stayed at Miller Sylvania Park, WA and it is a very packed campsite. We were joking that we had come to the city to camp as we live in a town that probably has less people than the campsite had!  Charlie had his best friend Miss Q staying in the tent next door, he saw her last thing at night and first thing in the morning……..what more could a two-year-old boy want! Lola who isn’t walking yet was always dirty from crawling around the floor; she always looked like she lived in the woods………sooooooooo cute! We were lucky enough not to have it rain and I have learnt that I do not need to take everything I own with me camping (maybe next time we camp I can take my car instead of having to take the truck as we couldn’t fit everything in my car this time!). We also learnt that we have a BIG tent. We thought everyone would have tents the size of ours, it turns out people don’t camp with tents that have two bed-rooms and playroom…………there loss I guess LOL

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