Menu Plan Monday

As we only decided Thursday night we were going camping, Friday was a TOTAL NIGHTMARE! When will we learn that you don’t do spur of the moment things with toddlers…..anyway,I will not go into full details as I can not bear to re-live the day but it was filled with lots of screaming and poop all over the carpet, TV and entertainment unit!!! But it was well worth it. Saturday was such an awesome family day.We had a GREAT camping trip. We went to Fort Stevens, where it is beautiful. Saturday was spent playing in and by the lake. (Pics will appear shortly on my flickr account) It was too cold for us to more than paddle but lots of kids were swimming there (crazy…..the water was only 50 if that!). We have spent the last three weekends in our tent, which we now affectionately call our vacation home, so next weekend no matter what the weather, no camping! Life is all about balance and the other chores that need doing are now glaring me in the face…….time for the fun to stop for a while. Only joking, no day is complete without some fun and having two toddlers, whilst losing some of your hair and sanity each day, fun is always a part too!

Here is my menu plan for the week

Monday – Quick Polynesian Chicken

Tuesday – Cranberry Beef Brisket

Wednesday – Al’s Rum Chicken (as we didn’t have this last week due to camping)

Thursday – Leftover day
Friday – Oven fried Chicken

Saturday – Tacos

Sunday – BBQ day/Dad cooks day

I have my “mommy helper” here right now and the kids are playing playdoh with her. I have spent enough time on the computer and must go put away the camping stuff and clean as again, life is all about balance (can’t you tell this is the lesson that I am learning at this time!)

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