All about Charlie

This is for the grandparents…………..Charlie’s profile

Charlie is currently 2yrs and 10 months and weighs approx 33lb

He is such a sweet natured boy. He is amazingly patient with his younger sister and is great at sharing with her. He expects her to follow him everywhere and play with him and she does. As she can’t walk yet he will crawl with her most of the time. His speech is coming along well and he is now saying three word sentences and starting to count (123). He can say most one-word things and knows nearly every animal, his favorite place being the zoo. He is SO active, loves being chased anywhere or throwing everything of the bed and jumping. I think he is going to be the class clown, as he will do anything for a laugh. If he hits his head and Lola laughs then he will keep doing it for more laughs. He makes her laugh in the car all the time and it is such a pleasure to drive hearing them giggling in the back. We are still having “bathroom issues” with him, as he is still holding bowel movement but I think the medicine (lactulose – I haven’t researched this medicine as I haven’t had time I just accepted the doctor’s word but if anybody has anything to say about it, let me know as he will be on it for many months to come) is slowly starting to work as he seems to be getting a “little” better lately. Tantrums are part of every day life but then he is 2 and we are using the 123 magic method and as long as I am consistent it seems to works for us. He likes to be helpful and has just recently started picking up his toys which is my favorite development LOL. When he hurts somewhere on his body, I have to kiss it and this apparately makes it all better and just recently he has started kissing my “hurts” which of course, makes me all better too!


Charlie’s favorite things


Books that have flaps hiding things – as hiding things is his favorite game right now (and then he does the big reveal, “there it is”)

Everyone Poops – yes ironic I know seeing as he hates it!

How do dinosaurs say goodnight?

Any book that makes a noise

Books with animals


All animals and all dinosaurs


Anything that belongs to Dad

Anything that looks like a snake

Loves being outside and playing with water and sand

Loves bubbles


Curious George

Land before Time


Mac & cheese

Hot dogs



Wholegrain goldfish


Cottage cheese



“Pink” milk


(As you can see he loves dairy)

Hope you enjoyed learning all about my “little boy”

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  1. going to check out the video for 1-2-3 magic. my step mother was talking about it to me and since you seem to like it too, i will give it a look see. i also love watching Supernanny and using her advice on dealing with disapline for our little guy too.

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