Where does my time go?

Where does my time go? This is a question posed by The Parent Blogger Network and Light Iris. This looks like a great site and I will be visiting them again. I enjoyed this exercise and found some great new blogs

This is a question I have asked and pondered over regularly, though with a one and two year, really what am I doing having a minute to ponder that question! The day starts of with chaos of screaming,

“No diaper change”,

“No potty”

Read story to keep two year on potty, breakfast, wash and dress, laundry (whilst I love the fact I am using cloth diapers and wipes, I do not love the extra work and wonder whether I should go back to disposables……… but know I won’t), dishes, oh remember I’m not dressed, get me washed and dressed with an audience and a round of nursery rhymes and soothing a crying one year who fell of the bed (first awful mother moment of the day). Put Curious George on again (despite promising my self I was going to stop TV – beat myself up for being an awful mother yet again), do a quick pick up of the house (as per motivated mom – “what other people don’t need to be told what housework to do – I need the focus and the tick makes me feel like I have achieved something and am a worthwhile human being!), set up painting for the kids, and yet another diaper change (what am I feeding this kid???)

“Lola please stop eating the paintbrush” (for the fifth time),

“ Charlie, No not on the floor”,

“All done,” he announces as he throws his paintbrushes on the floor

“How can you be all done, you have only been painting for five minutes?”


Clothes off and in the bathroom,

“Don’t touch ANYTHING”

How can it be only 10am, I’m exhausted and so the day continues…………… …..Moments of joy and togetherness and moments of total chaos and asking myself whether I need a degree for raising kids as I feel like I need to be taught how to master this SAHM “thing”.

Lunchtime, naptime, lunchtime clear up, dishes, more laundry, Lola is up followed by Charlie, so much for that break, diaper changes, snack time, outside to play…………who doesn’t have fun pushing a one and two year round the garden continuously for an hour and running after bubbles????????….get a warm feeling all over seeing the joy on their faces and think maybe I am a good mother after all……..

Oh Oprah’s on………………..maybe it’s time for a quick break…………..

“Charlie, give it back to your sister”

“Charlie, that’s one, give it back”

“That’s two”


Screaming and crying all round for everyone (not me, YET), minutes later but seems like more

“You two are playing together so well, I love you both so much”

Think again I must be doing something right, Dad arrives home, HOORAH, reinforcements, and so the chaos that follows dad, hugs, chasing, tickling, dinnertime, clear up, dishes, naked time, clear up urine of the floor, bath time, story time and bedtime screaming……………

Ahhhhhhhhh, both asleep, look at my little angels, I love you both and can’t wait to spend another day with you ……………..But until you wake I get time to BLOG and who knows maybe even sit, watch TV or talk to my husband……………as I fall asleep, beat myself up for not exercising, reading my Bible, finishing my motivated mom sheet, or make an entire quilt………wonder what I actually did do today…………maybe tomorrow, it will get done……..or maybe when the kids start pre-school………or maybe college………at least hopefully by then I will have forgotten how messy the house was and just remember the painting, reading, singing, bubble blowing oh and the blogging…………

For some reason the date on this blog says June 9…………it is 6.00pm (PT) June 8…not sure what is up with my computer

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