A little more thyme

A friend gave me a pot of thyme with the phrase “a little more thyme” on the pot. I thought that was such a great gift. I have since found out that thyme has antiseptic properties that makes it a natural air freshener. I have been trying to grow herbs and my most recent batch died but lessons learnt and I will try again soon.

This will be the fourth night of Charlie going to sleep without one of his parents holding his hand and the third night of Lola not getting breastfeed in the night………………..nighttime has not been easy but fingers crossed it should start getting easier. We are using the Supernanny technique for Charlie and whilst it looks easy on TV, it is heart-wretching to have to peel off an hysterical toddler. But I believe, it is in his interests to be able to sleep without any aids, so I am sticking to the plan and just hope it gets better soon. Lola has decided that she will stay awake for large portions of the night if she doesn’t get fed so of course, I am hoping this ends shortly too!

I recently found this high pod, high chair. I thought it was so cool, not that I am buying it but still…………..

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