Time without kids

Monday June 11 2007

Last Friday Capt Crankypants left a Quincey Enstein doll at Wah’s house and today at Playgroup his mom obviously tried to get him to leave the toy at Capt Cranktpants home. Whilst we have to teach our kids that not all toys are ours etc etc Wah was totally heartbroken over this and we discovered that all weekend he had been sleeping with Quincey to which I replied “I know once I sleep with someone i consider him mine” (cue laughter) and in the end Quincey become Wahs. He is not going to be the love em and leave em kinda of guy.

Tonight was my first BYOB (bring your own block). Very, very excited! I have always been tied to bedtime with my youngest but lately my husband has started taking over this responsibility………….I can taste the freedom…………..and yes it was as much fun as I imagined!! As much fun as you can have without alcohol anyway LOL Though not much sewing was done, as I have yet to start a project (I just ran from the house LOL) it was great to finish conversations with friends. Though we see each other regularly for playdates, we have discovered that not many conversations get finished…….you get home, try to tell your husband about a funny story that happened to such and such and then realise you didn’t get the end of the story. Then you forget to ask about it again when you next see them (or again, it doesn’t get finished) and days later you wake in the middle of the night and go what was the end of that story, nah, its not that bad but still.. ….very frustrating but a normal part of motherhood and playdates. Now you understand why getting out every now and then without the children is so important…………….

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  1. thanks for this post. i think i really needed it, because i too get so frustrated when my son interups me and my hubby when we are talking. i feel like what i have to say is not as important as playing with my son when my hubby quickly picks him up and throws him in the air. i try not to take it personally but i do alot of the time.

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