Bad Plastics

I have just read a disturbing article about plastics. Wow……… really makes you realise that you have a duty to think about EVERYTHING you buy and not just the item but the wrappings it comes in too. I am making a pledge to start watching everything I buy and throw in the trash. Having toddlers, so many of the toys are plastic but I am now going to start making a conscious effort to stop this or at least buy second hand (which I am very good at anyway……….I love finding a great bargain!). We ALL  need to watch what we buy and stop being a throw away society. In my books that I recommend, I recommend a book called Affluenza, which I think everyone should read. But on their website they have a 100 escapes from the epidemic of stress, waste, overconsumption and environmental decay

That’s what I love about a blog, you get a soapbox all to yourself!

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