Things I am addicted too………..

Well maybe addicted is too strong a word, maybe not…………

Bloglines – I am new to the world of blogging and I am sory to say I only have dial up (yes, I KNOW! living in the country is all well good until you realise that they don’t have high speed but anyway that is a whole other post so I won’t get started there!) Anyway I am slowly finding my way around the blogging world and don’t want to waste time looking at people’s site when they don’t even have the decently to have written a new post for me to enjoy LOL Well bloglines let me know if someone has written today and saves me time BUT as to every addiction there is always a dark side……………….my list is growing and growing daily, I have to remember I have toddlers around here somewhere and not stay on the computer all day reading about other people’s lives………….

Sugar popcorn – I can’t stop, I love it!

Hugs and kisses from my kids (and smelling their heads, weird I know but they still smell like baby and I adore it, even more than the new car smell LOL) Sometimes I think I could just stay in a bear hug from my son for the rest of my life and die happy

So you think you can dance – I’m sure there are worse things I could be watching….

So there you have it………………..a look at the dark side of my life LOL

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  1. Well you know more than me when it comes to the ability to set up your computer to tell you when new blog posts are on the blogs you frequent. LOL you will have to email me with instructions or some help because I would love to have this set up….I hate going to a blog when it doesn’t have a new post. LOL.

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