Rocks, Rocks and more rocks

My son’s favourite toy of the moment is rocks. Which is ironic considering my last post – apparantly Charlie has decided that plastics are bad too and he is going for the more natural “toy”.We have a gravel driveway which is where in finds all these delicious items (delicious to Lola which is “great” as they are choking size – NOT!). He can spend hours with Lola just playing with them, putting them in buckets, taking them out, putting them in the water table and sand pit, the list goes on and on. I find them in his pockets, in my car, in the washer and dryer and in the fridge! Totally recommend this activity for your toddlers (though perferably for toddlers who don’t still put things in their mouths like my youngest). Tomorrow we are going to try and glue some rocks together to make a caterpillar. Then we are going to paint it. Hopefully photos will appear on flickr at a later date if it works out……………..

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