Save time cleaning

I found some great, time saving, housework tricks……….

Tip#1 Never walk from one room to another without something in your hand

Tip#2 – Cook two meals at a time, eat one and freeze the other. It’s no harder to cook a double batch than a single batch and you will feel so good knowing there is always something in the freezer for the days that just don’t go to plan.

Tip #3 – Clean your bathroom sink while you are cleaning your teeth. Grab a face washer and wipe down the bench and bath, you’ll be done before you have even finished brushing.

Tip #4 – Clean the shower while you are having a shower. Don’t be tempted to use harsh chemicals though, as you don’t want you passing out from the fumes. I use my merlin magic  formula that I previously posted.

Tip#5 To prevent lime buildup in teakettles (maybe this one is just me!), put a marble in the bottom. As it rolls around, it keeps the lime from accumulating

Tip#6 Add some kitchen spices to the vacuum cleaner bag to make the air smell great.

More tips as I find them, use them, see if they work and then pass them on……….

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  1. Love the tips. Keep them coming!!!

  2. #1 is something I am working on. My husband is better at it than me, believe it or not. He says he never comes downstairs without bringing something down, and vice versa. I see how much it helps keep down on the little things that cause big build up.

    #2 I love this one, especially when you cook a casserole that is easy to freeze.

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