Beware of hand sanitizer!

I found this article very interesting especially as I have a little girl who likes to put EVERYTHING in her mouth (and California Chick – take note!) …..

Hand Sanitizer?

I was sent one of those “forward to all your friends” e-mail the other day from a family member. And as usual, I started to delete it because normally they are completely false and often times dumb.

But, after going on to check it out, it turns out it was true!

What was it? Hand Sanitizer. It is dangerous to small children if they lick it or squirt it into their mouths!

There were 2 different stories about small children having over the legal limit of alcohol in their systems and becoming sick from ingesting hand sanitizer. Luckily, neither were fatal.

Turns out hand sanitizer has a VERY high level of alcohol that could be fatal to a child if swallowed.


I am going to my daughters daycare today to see if they use hand sanitizer. I don’t ever remember seeing any, but I want to make sure.

Also ladies, don’t leave your purse or diaper bag where a child could get into it if you keep small bottles of sanitizer in there as well.

It was at a blog called Family Health and Nutrition.

From now on my “Magic Merlin Potion” will be cleaning my little ones hands…………

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