My boy is all grown up!

I had Charlie’s evaluation meeting today and he does qualify for the Early Childhood Special Education Program based on his cognitive and communications skills. They think that he would benefit from this program and who am I to argue. I think any extra help especially at this young age would be a great learning experience for him and its free. So starting July he will start classes with them. One class will specialist in speech and the other class is more like pre-school. Then in Sept he will start a local regular pre-school along side this program. If it gets too much for him (as he will be going four mornings a week), I will pull the one I think is helping him the least (or the one he enjoys the least). I am excited for him as he is very social and I think he is going to have a lot of fun as well as learn a lot.

I can’t believe how fast the time with him has gone. He has outgrown nursing, bottles, binkies and soon there will be no more diapers. It seems like only yesterday he was learning to walk and say his first words. Now the outside world will influence him as well as me which is scary. But though I am not the only influence in his life I can be the best one. With him growing up and learning about the world around him, I have new lessons to teach him and I now for the first time feel very aware of how important my job is. I have to teach him faith, how to stand up for what he believes in, compassion for himself when he makes a mistake as well as compassion for other people, to enjoy life, and how to have healthy relationships. All of a sudden teaching him how to eat his first foods and sleep through the night seem very easy compared to the next lessons of life. It is a precious reminder to savour every bit of their “babyness” as it is over before you are ready for it………………OK OK I have just remembered he is starting pre-school and not going away to college.

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