Menu Plan Monday


And here we are again at Menu Plan Monday. I am starting a diet this week so the menus are pretty plain and straight forward. Actually whilst i want to lose weight, it is more important to me right now to increase my energy levels. I am running out of steam before the end of the day so I need to improve this………with all the running around I do I can’t believe I still have weight to lose but I guess I need to improve the sort of food I eat.

Monday – grilled shrimp & pineapple Kobabs on brown rice

Tuesday – Szechwan Orange Chicken

Wednesday – broiled salmon, steamed spinach, wholewheat pasta & pesto sauce

Thursday – Pizza – yes I know but we have Lola’s 18 month checkup at 4pm so what can I say……

Friday – pork tenderloin, applesauce, green beans, baked sweet potato

Saturday – grilled chicken salad

Sunday – BBQ day – will try and keep it “as good” as possible

Feel sorry for my family as I am dragging them along for the ride!!!

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  1. Your menu looks awesome!!

  2. Just wanted to say thanks for the comment on my post today. I only wish I could tell you that our 2nd son is home with us. This particular story is a series of how our son came into our lives and how I am dealing with waiting on him to come home for the past 4 years. I hope you come back to
    1smartmom again and read more about my Journey. You can read my previous post by clicking on the icon that says,
    Journey’s with Kelly. Thanks again. Have a great day.

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