Lola’s Profile

So again for the grandparents………’s Lola profile this time

Lola is 1 year and 3 months – weigh unknown – checkup Thur

Lola is a sassy, independent, little girl who loves her own way. She has just started to walk, it seemed to happen over night, one day she was crawling and the next she is walking and hardly crawls anymore. Communication is her strong point and can make her needs understood very well! The words she knows are daddy (her favorite word – she is definitely going to be a big daddy’s girl), mum, dog, cat, fish, snack, done, and she says yes or no by shaking her head. If she wants more food she will hold out her plate saying “more, more, more” until the plate gets filled. She has such an appetite and will eat almost anything you give her (except of course, veg, though she is better at eating them than her brother!).

She loves to play with anything that Charlie has, and she thinks he is great fun to be around. If Charlie has something, she has to have the same thing, else it is a melt down. (which involves throwing herself on the floor and hiding her face whilst “pretend” crying and then she will look up after a few seconds just to check you are watching her fit!!). She can play on her own, but is happier if playing with Charlie. She has just learnt to get up and down our slide on her own, much to her delight. We have some fish, which she loves to watch, whilst racing cars up and down the ledge by them, and saying bbbrrrrrrrrrrr. Everything is still going in the mouth, which is highly disgusting at times and she has to be watched very carefully, rocks, crayons, little toys, any snack on the floor (not to bad at home but when we are out, eeeewwwwwww!). She a handful all right but is so cute, highly intelligent and such a joy to be around (when she decides to be!), we forgive her and just adore her………….

Favorite things


Rockin puppy and rockin horse


Anything Charlie is playing with

Trains & cars

Potatoes – yes I know, very natural

The play door

Things she loves

Loves being outside and playing with water, sand and rocks

Loves being pushed around the garden in her red car

Loves to slide

The time out bench – I know how am I ever going to give her timeout!


Her sippy cups

My Tupperware cupboard!


Mac & Cheese




Cottage cheese

And in fairness most other foods!



Little Einstein’s

Clifford the Big Red dog

And that is the update on our little girl………….

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  1. You need to edit this. You used Charlie’s real name.

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