Updates on my life

So I have been reading back on my blog and I’ve noticed that I don’t always give progress reports on things that I’ve mentioned so every now and then I will give a update report

The diet – not so good, my addiction to sugar popcorn is ruining, though I am eating a lot healthier these days (I am add wheatgerm to things, try and remember to take flaxoil, drink lots of water and snack on seeds and nuts etc)

Flossing is going very well

Potty training Charlie – this weekend we are starting – wish us luck – don’t know why I am so freaked out about this – maybe because a lot of pee and poop is involved (with me cleaning it up, mmmmmmmmmm!!)

Never walking from one room to another without something in my hand – a work in progress but I know my mom would have loved me to do this when I was growing up – I can remember her always saying “why can’t you take this pile of your stuff up the stairs when you go, you walk right past it!!!!”

All my other tips – mmmmmmmmm, great tips but not a work in progress yet! I see I am going to be the mom that says “do as I say, not as I do” – must work on that too!

Cloth diapers & wipes – Great on the cloth diapers, must work more on the wipes (keep forgetting to make the solution, but I did love it when I did it)

Project for next BYOB – not started yet but the ideas are flowing………

Not breastfeeding Lola in the night – well for anyone who placed a bet – she won – still have to work on this

Not holding Charlie’s hand for him to fall asleep – success almost! we have kept strong and maybe have to put him back in bed (yes our bed but still……) only once and crying for less than a minute or two

So there you have it. Maybe I should have a update Wednesday…………………mmmmm maybe not, otherwises its just another thing to work on and as you can see I have enough of those for now.

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  1. Hey sis, just spent a half hour or so reading your blog, im soooooooooooo not into the computer thing, i dont really turn my computer on that much, must try and do it more often, especially now you seem to be doing regular updates. Good to hear all about everyone and everything going good, must talk soon as well soon, give lola and charlie big hugs and kisses from me and to you aswell, i miss you all sooooooooooooooooo much. oh im going to try and pack in smoking again, lets hope i dont have charlies problems again, im not going to use patches this time tho going to use some tablets called zyban which stop the craving (hopefully) love to you all xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I was curious how the potty training was going? I found your site through one of the contests you entered. I am dying to start potty training my daughter that will be 2 in August but like you I am terrified lol. Sometimes I think she is ready – well until we sit on the potty for about 30 minutes for nothing and 2 minutes later uh oh mommy lol. You are doing great with your blog! I hope it is as theraputic for you as it is me. Just be careful it can become addictive!

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