The “fun” book

So my day continued sort of blah UNTIL the mail arrived bring my new book! (of course it was a used book that I bought from Amazon, you know how I am with reusing stuff) but anyway……the “new to me” book is The Toddler’s Busy Book. It has some great ideas, simple ideas, so simple in fact, you are embarrassed you didn’t think of it! I find it so hard to keep coming up with different fun stuff to do with the kids, which I know is more for me, as hey my kids are happy with rocks and potatoes but it doesn’t have the same appeal to me. I need more exciting things to do like playing with colored ice cubes, sandpaper and yarn (yes I know, FUN!), and painted toast (yes again FUN!). So hold on to your seats kids, we are going to be having A LOT OF FUN in this household…………….

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  1. How funny, I have that book too (used from Ebay) We do alot of the activities for our “science” and “art” activities. Isn’t great?

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