Potty Training – never again

Sunday June 24 2007

So yesterday went horribly…………I was “attempting” to potty train my son. I was using the toilet training in less than a day book by Nathan Azrin and Richard Foxx (yes it did have to be too good to be true right!) though I know it does work for some people. I should have known better, I felt so crappy yesterday, I had a headache and felt sick so maybe never should have tried it but I felt like I was committed as I had told everyone. The book tells you to go through the potty routine many times with a doll that pees first, which we did and my son LOVED that bit but when it came to him he just FLAT REFUSED. He wouldn’t use the toilet either. He just screamed and cried when sat on the potty or toilet and once I let him up he would have an “accident”. It was such a frustating morning, it just ended up with a lot of screaming and crying from both of us and me swearing that I was never going through tis experience again………………..yes that’s right my son is never going to be potty trained, he is going to be the only ten year old in diapers!

The rest of the day was a total loss as I didn’t get of the couch. I have no idea why I felt so bad and was in bed by 8pm (after having a afternoon nap too!). So today I am hoping for a good day and after I finish this blog post I am off to church for some inspiring message and then back home for some housework and craft time with the kids…………..and no we are not going never the potty today……………none of us can bear it………..

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  1. Hi honey, might be an idea to leave it with Charlie for a bit. It might become a bit of battle ground for him and then he’ll really go off the idea! Maybe if he sees Lola having a go at bath time he might try? With Mo I let it build up over time. If she wanted to sit on the potty then great, if not then I tried not to let it be an issue. Try and be lead by how he is. It might be that if you leave it for a couple of weeks and try again he might be more receptive?? Just my thoughts! I did have a helpful book about it by Gina Ford, will see if I have a copy still and send it over. Had some handy question/answer bits in it about stuff like this.

    Hope you’re all okay otherwise? Great to hear you’re camping again this weekened! Will call if we have any news…… looking like a huge Budha right now!!

    Take care hon. Big hugs and kisses to Charlie and Lola. Love to you and Brian.
    Miss you,

  2. I have several friends who are currently trying to potty train their kids and are having a REALLY tought time too. I am sorry that it went so badly.
    I think I am going to wait tell Bug is almost 3 years old…and then begin. He isn’t even taking off his clothes by himself yet…and is not interested in the toilet or what Daddy or myself are doing when we go in there to do our business. LOL! Several of my friends who have older kids didn’t start training their sons until they were closer to 3 unless the child wanted to start sooner. And just think….Boys are harder to train *from what I hear* than girls so your daughter should be a piece of cake when the time comes. LOL!

  3. Hi. I just found your blog from the Menu Plan Monday and happened to read about your potty training. I had thought about trying that whole potty training in a day thing too, and the only thing that stopped me was how expensive the peeing dolls were. My boys (I have 3 1/2 year old twins) did not really get potty trained until they were almost 3 or shortly after, so don’t sweat it. I noticed that your son is only 2. He will get it. If you check out my blog, one of my very first posts was about potty training and the day that I gave up at 10:00 am! Ha ha.

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