Smart Habit Saturday

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Well the flossing went so well last week that I am ready for my next challenge. I only forgot one night and that was because my son decided to have the night from hell. Though a trip to the dentist did reinforce this habit! Nothing like a trip to the dentist for you to remember why you look after your teeth……………so they can’t drill at them!

Anyway this week, I am going to care for my feet. They have been neglected all winter and now summer is here and I need to get them “sandal ready”. Every evening I plan to give them a foot scrub and conditioning treatment, who knows maybe I will even be able to get my husband involved!

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  1. This is a great habit to work on. And I say a big “YES” to getting your hubby invovled!

  2. Oooooh! Pampered feet! There’s nothing quite like them! I started giving myself a mini-pedicure every week when I was pregnant with my first son over 7 years ago. There were a few times the prego belly required me to go to a pro (those pedicures lasted weeks, though!), but it’s always been worth it! Go for it!

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