To vaccinate or not to vaccinate?

Today was Lola’s 15 month checkup and everything is fine. She is 30inches and 20lbs so she is still very much my “little” girl.

She got away lightly (and she seemed to know it!) as she was due to have a shot, the DTaP, but lately I have been considering the whole vaccinate issue. Whilst it is a little late as she has had all the other shots (and so has her brother) and though this is the last one for a while, I still want to do some more research before I give it. I had already decided not to give the chicken pox vaccine and stick with this decision. I know this is a “hot topic” but I guess the only thing we can do as mothers is what we feel is best for our children and the decision we can best live with. The one point that seems to stick with me is, if i decide not to vaccinate, i can change my mind at any time, but once I have given the shot, there is no turning back. I read books on all different topics, how to raise my kids, how to keep them happy and entertained, how to get them to sleep, what to feed them, etc, etc, but to date I have not really ever read much on the topics of vaccinations…..doesn’t make much sense does it………….once I am a bit more informed, i can make an informed decision and  not just blindly do as the doctor tells me which is what I have been doing to this point.

Our little craft project for today was cheerio necklaces. This was great as i didn’t have to worry about Lola eating the “activity” or strain my brain thinking of a non toxic alternative for her. Don’t know why I haven’t done this before. I also gave them a “little make your own dinner tray”, (sorry grandparents, no photos, battery low on camera but next time, I promise). I gave the idea from bloginmyeye. I set up little bowls of water, cereal, milkshake, spoons, you get the idea on a baking tray (one each, so no fighting) and let them play……….and believe it or not, the mess wasn’t even too bad!

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  1. PLEASE give them the shot!! Glad to see everyone doing so well I am so happy for you… Miss you

  2. First, I just wanted to empathize. When you go with the routine schedule without questioning or researching it all seems very normal and easy. Once you realize that the issue is much murkier than is commonly believed, that there actually is a question of what is safer, it can be a never ending journey of research. Because the vaccine question is not cut and dry it helps to see many viewpoints. I highly reccomend the book Just a Little Prick, you can obtain a copy by emailing:
    or writing to :
    The Robert Reisinger Memorial Trust (or RRMT),
    25 Harrisville Road,
    Tuakau. 1892,
    South Auckland,
    New Zealand. Phone : (0064) 92368990.

    The Trust wishes to make it available to all who would like it, no matter their resources, if you can make a donation that is excellent but not necessary to obtain a copy.

    I also recommend studying the CDC and VAERS websites… much of my decision to delay (my oldest is three and we are still delaying pending further research) is based on info I found there.

    I also recommend the vaccine forum at, which while I do not agree with the sites policies, still maintains an enormous amount of material related to the vacc decision.

    Sorry my first comment on your site was about such a heavy subject!!! Hope it helps and love what I’m reading here so far… great blog!

  3. Hello….

    I guess I can play devil’s advocate and say that I am not pro-vaccine. At least not how it is set up in the U.S. right now.

    What I did was hold off until my kids were 2-3 (we lead pretty sheltered lives, and my doctor agreed (albeit reluctantly) that my kids were at a low risk to come in contact with those diseases). When they turned 2-ish, we did the “big” ones. MMR, DTaP, Polio. We also did the Hib and Hep B. We did not vaccinate for Chicken Pox, the flu, ear aches, or whatever other shot the drug companies were marketing at the time.

    I insisted they only get 1 shot at a time, and then gave them one to two months between vaccines depending on their reactions. (Yes, it took forever.) I was concerned when they wanted to give 5 multiple disease injections in one day – how does that not overload their tiny and immature immune system?

    I have a wonderful doctor that humors me. We had many a debate in his office, but he was always respectful and supportive. Actually, he’s a friend of the family, so I think that makes it easier. We have another doctor friend that would travel to Mexico every year to do free health clinics at an orphanage. His stories were huge in motivating me to immunize my kids in the first place. Incredibly heart-breaking stories of children that will never be the same after encountering some of these diseases. A college friend (a pediatrician) went to Africa and came back with more stories.

    What I ended up deciding was that while I could debate a Dr. very well, and have very educated well-researched reasons behind my decision not to vaccinate… I could never explain it to the mother in Africa. The mother that stood 4 days in line at the clinic with her small child that was literally dying in her arms. Dying from a disease that one simple vaccine could have prevented. I just couldn’t imagine anything could justify my position to her.

    Sorry for the long comment. I guess I could have just agreed with Dragynf1ye said we delayed too. I also recommend those sites for researching. I looked into them as well.

    Whatever you decide, your kids are lucky to have such a great mom that cares so much about the details of their lives. I love your blog, and I’ll be back!

  4. I am so glad to see someone who is willing to research this before deciding. My son is one who reacted (14 years ago) to the DTP. It was before the DTaP.

    One thing I found interesting was a statistic that said if we stopped vaccinating today, the diseases would be back in full force within three years. I do not tell parents not to vaccinate because of our experience, but I do ask them to read both sides of the issue before deciding. You put it so well. We study everything else, but not this one thing. Good luck with your decision. Let me know if I can be of any assistance to you.

  5. OK maybe I need to rephrase my original comment. The reason I am so heartfelt about giving the shot is because as a nurse I do understand the negatives of them. However, everyone only speaks about the bad never the good children will always have reactions to many things, but if we can save our children from possibly getting a life threatening illness we should. After all if alot of parents different give their children shots we would still have fatal diseases such as Polio,Diptheria,and so on…… Well whatever decsion you make I hope you are well informed either way….

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