A beautiful day

A misty morning does not signify a cloudy day.

-An ancient proverb

This is the proverb that was going through my mind this morning. Our day started at 4.00am as we(charlie and myself) were woken by dad who was going crow shooting (yes I know…….!!!). I was in a foul mood but I did get a early nap in which saved my entire family and this proverb, which kept repeating in my mind. I hate to spend a day angry especially when I have so much to be thankful for. With an attitude adjustment, my day did get a lot better and we had lots of fun.

charlie flour animals

lola flour

lola flour - maybe this wasn't a good idea

Whilst I don’t necessarily recommend the flour activity as very messy the kids had great fun and it kept them entertained for at least 15 minutes (for those of you with toddlers you knwo that this is a long time in toddler land!).

It was a beautiful day in the Northwest and we spent the afternoon at a local park and river bank. We put our toes in the river and played with the sand. We even got the stroke some hamsters……………….yep you read that right…………a girl had two hamsters on leashes at the park………all I can say is the world is a better place because we are all different!!!!

lola slide

charlie river bank

lola & charlie river bank

Now it’s time to snuggle with my husband and watch a movie………….wow, I really did have a good day

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  1. Your kids are just so darn cute. They both look like they were having a great time with the flour tins and then going to the beach looked like so much fun.
    It has been sooooooo HOT here in Spokane! We have not been able to go down to the river or even a lake to cool off yet, but this week we have a few things planned in Coure d’Alene.

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