Feeing very uninspired this evening and  I am at a loss on how to make my day sound vaguely interesting – though we did have a good day. I admire how other people can make anything they do sound interesting and fun – not me I’m afraid!

It was a wonderful hot day in the Northwest and we visited the river bank again and played with sprinklers in the garden. Lola has discovered the word no and add this to  her favorite word, mine! You can imagine, the joy of conversations we have! Though after dealing with Charlie’s speech delays, I guess I should be grateful that she is progressing nicely in the speech area! Charlie wants to give up his naps but this makes dinnertime and early evenings almost unbearable ( as he is almost ready but not quite!)……..especially when you are a single parent, because your husband is out scouting for elk………..and is now out on the river (yes its 8pm) trying out a second hand canoe that he wants to buy………boys and there toys, what can I say!!!

My little angels are now sleeping, Lola with chocolate pudding in her hair and Charlie with pen scribbles all over his tummy and legs……………….what would I do without them!!! Sleep a lot more I guess would be the answer there!

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