Happy 4th July

So happy 4th to all my friends and family on this side of the ocean…………..and happy wednesday to family and friends in England…………..no day off there!!! Though someone did once ask me if England celebrated July 4th…………….I do sometimes wonder what they teach in schools over here LOL. Anyway, it was a HOT, HOT, HOT day. The first day of the year I got a sunburn and this was just in the hour of watching our local town’s parade. Of course, my kids were OK because I remembered to put suntan lotion and hats on them, but duh forgot myself.

Couldn’t believe the amount of candy we got…………

candy the kids got from parade

and guess how many of them the kids can actually have to eat………..THREE!! There goes the diet.

and the kids even got teddy bears. We ended up with six (something about seeing cute toddlers that makes people just want to throw lots of bears at them!!!)……………..but we gave a few away to some of the kids who didn’t get one

candy & teddies from parade

This was Lola’s cute little outfit for the day…..no wonder she got given lots of bears!

lola sunflower outfit

Lola and the bunny had a “disagreement” and the bunny tried to take on my daughter….

lola & bunny

but my Lola soon showed him who was boss!

lola & bunny 2

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