Family Fridays………camping this weekend


We are off camping in a few hours for a long weekend……….hoorah! We packed everything up last night so today I SHOULD be able to relax a little (well blog). We are going to Nehalem Bay, which is on the Oregon coast. The weather is going to be in the 80’s which I think is perfect, perfect for dipping our toes in the ocean, the English phrase for this would be paddling.

Yesterday I took the kids to our towns outdoor pool for the first time this year. They loved it but i forgot to take my camera (I am sure we will be there plenty more times this year for photos). Aswell as having the big pool, they have a small toddler pool which is fenced in and they also have a lifeguard for this pool which I think is totally awesome. I was hoping to meet some local moms but I had my hands full just keeping my kids alive. Lola kept putting her face in the water,and Charlie forgot how to walk, he could only run, which of course he wasn’t allowed to do! Plus they both have this screaming thing going on which I’m sure kept giving the lifeguard heart attack but all in all we did have a great time.

Lola has discovered the word no…………………everything is either no or mine! Then lets not forget the scream which means everything else! She is lucky she is so cute!!!

I am posting all my next posts early as I won’t be here over the weekend.

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