Menu Plan Monday


I am making a menu plan for this week BUT it will be subject to change as the weather this week is meant to be HOT, HOT,HOT, like a 100 HOT! And as we are a home, without air conditioning, (I will be spending time at my friend’s house who have a/c) I think we might all die especially if I put the oven on! So I guess this week will be a lot of salads, sandwiches and breakfast foods.

Monday – BBQ & leftover food from camping

Tuesday – Summer sub & chips

Wednesday – Spicy summer sub & Ranch Salad

Thursday – any cereal you want out of the cupboards

Friday – Jumbo Greek Sub & Mom’s coleslaw

Weekend – camping (our new addiction) or it will just be outdoor BBQ stuff

Well after a rough start to the weekend of camping, Lola got car sick and threw up everywhere (twice!) and the campsite we wanted was fully booked, we had a great time, despite having to smell Lola’s car seat the entire trip, which reminds me, I have to wash her seat! Anyway…………we spent one night in a campsite near to where we wanted and then at 6am (again thanks Lola!) we packed up and went back to Fort Stevens where we went last time we camped.

I wonder why Lola was sick……mmmmmmmmmm……….maybe next time she shouldn’t eat candy and cheese puffs on long road trips……….

maybe we shouldn't give cheese puffs in the car!

lola sand 2

A great tip – to get the sand of your feet, just put on baby powder and the sand just falls of………..didn’t think this would work but it does, like a dream………

lola mud 2

charlie water

Charlie on bridge

This bridge was a god send, Charlie loved it, and I was able to keep him happy whilst Dad cooked

both eating chips

You have to watch your chips, when Lola’s around……….

sharing chips

Charlie starts his speech and pre pre-school classes this week so very excited for him. He is growing up fast…………I’m sure me and Lola will find things to do without him for a few hours…………..

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  1. everything looks so yummy!! I love the photos too. Have a blessed week.

  2. Thanks for the tip about the baby powder.
    Love the Pictures!!!! The kids look like they are having a great time. I love the one with Lola trying to bite the chip out of Charlie’s hand. LOL!

    And that is exciting about the Speech and pre pre-school classes starting up for Charlie. Hope he enjoys it and you enjoy the one on one time with Lola!

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