Where I’ve been………….

Well for anyone wondering where I have been for the last few days…………….I have been in bed sick with a migraine. It was soooooooooo horrible, almost as horrible as the mess my house is now in! My kids totally ran the house and have emptied every toy and toilet roll in the house……… guess what I will be doing today!

But my migraine can’t over shadow the fact that my son had his first day at school on Tuesday.

charlie first day at school

I say school and I also call it pre-pre-school but really, it is Early Learning Program designed for kids who are behind in an area, or many areas. My son qualifies for being slightly behind in several areas and whilst this isn’t exactly true, I am glad that he is getting this help and he seems to love the class. I say not true because he can do most of the things they say he can’t do but, if he won’t do them whilst in the evaluation then they put him down for not being able to do it. Charlie’s speech is coming along great now but he is still slightly behind, though catching up fast. I would say the only worry for me and the reason why he qualifies is because he won’t do what he is told (I know everyone is saying he’s two, he’s not meant to) but we mean things he can do and just doesn’t seem to know what you are asking of him. Anyway he is in the right place to improve and be watched for any concerns so I am happy about that. The fact that he loves it is an added bonus and will be great practise for pre-school in the Fall. I stayed with him Tuesday and Lola also had a great time. She is miffed that she couldn’t stay on Thursday. I planned to stay Thursday too but it was obvious they wanted be not to be there as Charlie wanted me to be involved in everything with him. Plus I was the only parent there and then there was Lola……They have a schedule of free play, craft, gym time, snack time, story time and finally nursery rhyme time. Who wouldn’t enjoy that………His Thursday class concentrates more on speech though. The classes are very small (Tues 5 boys 1 girl – Thur 2 boys 1 girl), Charlie is the youngest though. Everyone comes on the school bus and they have asked if Charlie can go on the bus too but I’m not ready for that yet……….maybe in a little while if he really wants too.

Tuesday was a real hot day so in the afternoon we went to a friend’s home with air conditioning ……………….and then stayed outdoors and played all afternoon……………!!!

outdoor fun with friends

outdoor fun with friends 2

outdoor fun with friends 3

lola playing with sand box

Got home and when to bed with a migraine. Dad had to stay home Wednesday. Thursday, I got Charlie to school but got really sick when we got home….which is why my house is totally TP (tissue paped!) because i didn’t have the strength to fight them on it and I was able to lie down on the bed whilst they ran around the house having a great time!

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  1. “…guess what I’ll be doing today!”

    Uh… having your kids pick up the messes they made?

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