Lola – 17 months old

Lola was sick today with a fever. At first we thought it was teething and it may still be but she also threw up (all over me……nice Lola!). I had to sit and hold her all day or she cried as she just wanted to be nursed. Whilst this sounds like a cushy number, having my husband at my beck and call because I couldn’t get up, all my housework chores were just glaring me in the face……….so it was hard to sit back and relax……….

Anyway, I thought I would write a post about 17 things I love about Lola at this age (17 months) to remind me why I stayed up all night with her just rocking her in my arms without getting mad or depressed about no sleep, though I was almost asleep on my feet and why I will do it again tonight if need be………..

1. The way she loves me to kiss her feet and hands when nursing.

2. How she wants to do everything Charlie does, if he has a drink she has one and it has to be the same cup,drawing, snacking, on the bed etc etc

3. Her words – she has so many words already (many more than Charlie had at her age) – daddy, up, out, snack, fish, dog, down, mine, no, done, ball are just a few I can think of right now

4. The way she will eat anything I put in front of her…………she has such an appetite.

5. She loves her sippy cup…………she doesn’t take a bear to bed, she takes a sippy cup with her…….if she finds her brother’s on the floor, its like she has won first prize.

6. How she greets me when i come in…………its like I am a star…………she comes running up to me arms wide open to be picked up…………this happens if I have only been in the shower too!

7. She stills puts EVERYTHING in her mouth, gross a lot of the time but cute also……see pics with mud , sand, etc on face……

8. She will get up on a table that is only a few inches of the ground and then just sit there shouting “down, down, down” until you go get her……………her feet at 1 inch of the floor.

9. She loves to copy actions you do especially in rhymes like wheels on the bus, and she loves the game, Simon says………..

10. Her favourite gesture is to put her fingers to her lips and say shhhhhhhhhhh

11. The way she HAS to have a kiss or a hug if Charlie has one

12. How she will scream, “mine, mine, mine,” if Charlie has one of what she “considers” her toys………….how dare he but of course, he is expected to share with her…………….

13. How she loves to be pushed around in her little red car, she could stay in that all day. She will get in it in the garden and just sit there waiting for someone to push her………………she looks so cute that after a while you just have too………

14. Her cute little waddle……….its almost drunk like

15. How blue her eyes are

16. How she already loves the phone……..that one may change as she hits the teenage years

17. How she loves her books

and one more for good luck………. the way she looks like an angel when she is sleeping in my arms


I love you very much Lola, and I hope you get well soon (for both of us!)

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  1. Hey I know that swimsuit!! 😉 Lola is growing up so fast! What a beautiful little lady. Awe, it makes me so sad they are growing up and I am missing it. I will have to plan a trip to come visit with the kids real soon. We miss you all!

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