Menu Plan Monday


Thank God the weather is cooling off this week as I am DONE with subs and salads. Back to proper meals and no I didn’t go camping last week and we aren’t going this week. (We have decided that we have to leave at least two to three weeks between trips or it just gets too much……………….I think because the summer is so short here we are just trying to get our moneys worth out of our equipment!) Anyway I do have my mother in law in town the last half of the week so I am sure we will be eating out some and having some BBQ’s.

Monday – Almost pizza casserole (I use ground turkey)

Tuesday – Easy Parmesan Garlic Chicken – we love this and very EASY

Wednesday – spam fried rice

Thursday – pizza (takeout)

Friday – BBQ

I’m not doing weekends anymore as we never know what we are doing and most of the times dad cooks at the weekend anyway. Yes I know, I’m lucky and he is a great cook too……I am always amazed at what he can come up with especially when I consider we have nothing in the cupboards…….

Need inspiration for the weekly dinner meals, check out I’m an Organizing Junkie who hosts Menu Plan Monday

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  1. wow, sounds yummy this week. The spam fried rice sounds interesting.

  2. Great menu, thanks for sharing!


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