Grandparent’s visit

I can’t believe how slack I’ve been at writing my blog this last week. The problem with me is, it doesn’t take me long to get out of the habit of doing something. Once I’ve missed a few days, its hard to get back on track…………..but here I am…..finally! We had the grandparents (Dad’s mom and husband) in town for a few days. They live in Florida but they visited us on the way home from an Alaska trip. It was great to see them and Charlie warmed up straight away to them, Lola was a bit more wary, warming up to her Poppa first

Lola walking with Poppa

But she didn’t mind letting her Mimi push her in her little red car………..

Lola being pushed by Mimi

The visit was too short and we can’t wait to see them again…………..maybe longer next year……….we have my mom visiting in a month for a couple of weeks……..HOORAH…….I can’t wait.

Now Charlie’s speech is getting better he was able to talk to his Aunt in England this week (though I’m not sure how much either of them really understood…………….but then it’s the keeping in touch that matters, right!)

speaking to his aunt in England

I didn’t stay with Charlie at all this week at school and he did very well. I feel proud of him and sad that he is growing up all of the same time. I think this program is great for him and he seems to be really happy when I pick him up and tells me he had a good time. He loves to ride the bikes at their gym the best. We have a notebook that we pass between me and the teachers to keep everyone in the loop of what is happening at home and at school. I love this as it keeps me from missing even a small part of his life.

Whilst Charlie is at school, me and Lola walk the local park. I get to walk most of it and Lola walks enough to tire her out. There is so much to see, ducks, squirrels, dogs, trees, wow to be one again and see the world as such a magical place………..

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