Blogger envy

Well I am struggling with my blog these days as it seems I am struggling with self esteem issues in the blogging area! I read so many great blogs that when it comes turn to write my own, I have nothing that compares and that makes me not want to write.I have to keep reminding myself why I write this blog and mainly it is to keep my family and close friends part of our lives. Also I want to make this into a blog book so I have a keep sake of my kids growing up and all the day to day memories that would be forgotten over time. This is why I blog and that’s what I have to remember (or maybe I should just stop reading other great blogs!!!).

I tried to get the kids to help with the housework today and things didn’t go to well!I read somewhere you should get the kids to help mop…………….they probably meant kids older than one and two…………….it took me longer to clean up the mess and change their clothes than it would have to mop the entire house. Though Lola is a great little duster.

a toddler's work is never done!

My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone back in my hometown in Gloucestershire, England. They are going through the worst flooding in Gloucestershire’s history and are without water. My mom’s house has a few inches of water in it and the rest of my family are without water.Thinking of you all and I do know what you are going through as we were without water AND Electric for four days in the depth of winter………………it sucks. I hope everyone gets through it OK

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