Sleep, glorious sleep!

Charlie did great at school today. He didn’t cry at all, in fact he was keen to go inside. And, it is so heart warming to see his face light up when he sees me come to pick him up. Two of the teachers told me  that I would have been so proud of him if i could have seen how well he did in class today……………….that was so nice to hear and I am always proud of my big boy anyway.

Lola has now started with the “what’s that?”and the great thing is, that she then repeats the word back to you. I don’t think we are going to have any speech problems with her. I just hope I don’t lose my mind with two toddlers asking me “whats that? whats that? whats that? WHATS THAT? every minute of every day!!!!

Anyone who speaks to me at all knows that I still don’t have my 17 month old daughter sleeping through the night yet and still have my two year old son in the bed with us…………..yes, I know, we have sleep issues in our house. Well, lately Dad has been taking the Lola shift (no, she wasn’t too happy at first as you can imagine but she is getting use to it) so finally after a year and a half I am getting some proper sleep. It has only been four nights so I am actually still learning how to sleep more than two to three hours at a time but I am enjoying learning………………! I had been getting really depressed lately and was on the verge of going to the doctor about it when as it turns out, I was just tired (who would have guessed, duh!)………I am feeling better than I have in ages and feel emotionally balanced again. Lola has been improving too………………..its obviously not as appealing to wake up to her father as it was too her nursing mother. Who knows maybe I will be able to build up enough strength to face the battle of getting my son into his own bed…………………but for now I am just enjoying sleep, glorious sleep……………..

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  1. Do they ever sleep through the night? My daughter is going to be 2 in a week or so and she sleeps through the night a few times a week. The rest of the time I end up in bed with her around 4. We put her in a big girl bed so that I could do that because we just didn’t sleep so great with all of us in the bed. So this way I barely have to wake up to go get in the bed with her lol.

  2. Enjoy the sleep. The lack of sleep can really make you depressed.

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