Proud moments

Charlie came running out, “mama, look, look, cream”, he had got hold of my body lotion and smothered himself in it, concentrating on the face area (as everyone knows that where you need the most help)

“Mama, look, look, draw rhino” pointing to his art piece……………on my patio doors!

If you are wondering where I was when these events were happening, I was falling for the divide and conquer trick two toddlers like to play. Lola would grab my attention and whilst i would be dealing with her Charlie would then go off and create mischief. It’s their favourite trick and always works!!!

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    I could not help but laughing….I can totally picture this happening to you. Sorry. and good luck.

  2. I think it’s funny when they don’t know any better to try and hide their mischievous behavior from us. My son is always ‘telling on himself’ without realizing what he’s doing. I hope you took some pictures for memory sake. How long do they do that divide & conquer act for? Is this what I have in store?

  3. Thanks for the tips! I will not be defeated by this divide and conquer … I swear now, with only 1 child to look after. Very funny post.


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