Why I have a mommy helper……..

I took the kids to the park on Friday with my “mommy helper” and this is why I have one – so I don’t have to slide down dirty skate park ramps on my bum…………..

Charlie sliding in the skatepark

of course, as Charlie went down, Lola had to have a go too………I don’t think she realised how high it was but to her credit, she still went down. i wish I could have taken a picture of her face as she slid down, it was a look of pure terror but then I caught her and she realised that this was fun and went again…………

Lola - if Charlie can do it so can I !

We had a busy weekend. We hardly ever go out at weekends but this weekend we got invited to three parties!!! So dad went to one and I took the kids to another. The party I went to had a bunch of homemade beer but as I think I am one of the only english people ever not to like beer, I didn’t have a problem driving home…………..

Sunday, we had Dad’s work friend and family come to visit……………they came with steaks, a five year girl who loved to play with Charlie and a dog that Lola loved………….they can come again anytime…………..

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