36 things I Love about Charlie

As it is Charlie’s birthday tomorrow, yes my little baby is going to be three! I thought now would be a great time to write a list of all the little things I love about him and that I will want to remember in years to come.

  1. His beautiful brown eyes
  2. How he shouts “no, thank you” when he doesn’t want to do something i.e. nap
  3. The way he imitates the things he sees on TV – the dancing, and the dinosaurs etc
  4. His little dance when George comes on
  5. How he loves his pink (milkshake) last thing at night
  6. How he loves the chickens down the road and asks to see them EVERYTIME he is in the car
  7. How great he is with Lola, he shares and takes turns with her
  8. How grown up he suddenly seemed when I picked him up from school
  9. The way he loves to be chased around the house
  10. How he loves to play with rocks in our driveway…well with rocks anywhere actually
  11. The way he says his own name
  12. His love of animals
  13. His love of dinosaurs
  14. How a kiss from me soothes every “hurt”
  15. How tough he is, he will hit his head, get a kiss and go straight back to play
  16. That he is a mommy’s boy
  17. The way he says” Charlie’s turn” after I have just done something with Lola – fair’s fair, right!
  18. The way he screams when I vacuum – he use to be terrified of the vacuum but now he pretends he is
  19. How social he is – he is shy at first but his want to play with someone always wins out
  20. The way he greets me when I come home – he runs up to me shouting mommy and gives me the best hug
  21. His hugs, he has the strongest bear hug – they are awesome
  22. How he loves to be snuggled at night… which is why he is still in our bed – not so great!
  23. How if something happens in the house, you drop something, or there is a big bang, Charlie is first on the scene
  24. If Lola has a dirty diaper Charlie will come running to “inspect” and say “Lola good job”, considering he won’t poop himself, he is very interested in her dirty diapers
  25. How he thinks he can tell me the way to go, every time in the car, “this way mama”, “that way mama”, sometimes he gets his way, sometimes he doesn’t!
  26. His high energy level………..we (his parents) try and run him tired but we get tired before him
  27. His teachers told me how well behaved and responsive he is in class and I am so proud of him.
  28. The way he jumps out of bed and goes to the window to wave goodbye to his father going to work.
  29. The way he pretends to be a shark or a bear on his father (basically attacking him but they both enjoy it)
  30. They way he will watch himself eat in the mirror; he watches what happens to the food in his mouth as he chews the food.
  31. How protective he is of Lola, if a stranger comes by her, he is right at her side.
  32. How he will let everyone know if he sees an airplane or helicopter (I’m proud he knows the difference!)
  33. Embarrassing but the way he can spot a fast food restaurant…if they serve fries he calls it!
  34. The way he makes his animals or dinosaurs fight – he is really getting into make believe play.
  35. The way he always noticed the tiny train in his favorite dinosaurs book – his father thought this one was cute!
  36. When he plays soccer with his father, Charlie thinks the object of soccer is for him to avoid being hit by the ball………so he just runs away from the ball whilst Dad is chasing him down with the ball saying “just kick it”

Well there it is…………..this took me hours……..I hope you appreicate this in years to come Charlie!

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  1. Awe! I am sure you have 1001 more reasons. Mickey has one for you.. What a loyal friend Charlie is. Remember when that strange kid tried to get between them at the zoo? Charlie edged him out like the best of ’em! Happy Birthday Charlie! We miss you!

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