This week I had ANOTHER migraine! All i can say is thank God for my mommy helper, hot dogs and toddlers love for snacks (saltines, honey grahams, goldfish). But everyone is still alive and the house wasn’t too badly damaged! The only incident was, Lola got her leg twisted in the crib whilst I was throwing up so she had to put up with it for a while…………I felt bad but was in too much pain to really suffer too much guilt!

I went to the doctors today and he has given me some Imitrex that I take when I get a migraine coming on. I have heard some great things from people who have taken this drug but the down side……………can’t breastfeed whilst I’m am on it. I can breast feed again 12 hours after I take the last tablet but the question is, do I really want to wait until I feel ill and have to take the tablet and then on top of it I have to deal with Lola who will want to breast feed and can’t or should I finally get round to weaning her now?? She is almost 18 months and I have been thinking it, I just haven’t done anything about it. Lola is NOT going to like being weaned AT ALL!

Lola had her first timeout today. She bit Charlie on the ear in the bath. She bit him hard too, he was screaming and his ear was red for a while………………..hopefully she won’t do that again. She DIDN’T like the timeout at all.

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  1. This is a tough one. To wean or not to wean. Well if you were already thinking about it, maybe now is a time to start by cutting one feed out. And eventually cut another one out. I know what you mean though, at this rate I will still be feeding Minnie on her honeymoon! I am glad to hear you got some relief for your migraines though. I am sure Lola will be fine without a feed on those days, just toss her a couple saltines! 😉 To be the best mommy you can sometimes you have to put yourself first, I know easier said than done.

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