Smart Habit Saturday


Yeah……….. here I am………..and on time! I am amazed that I have kept to this weekly new habit system but somehow it works for me so a big thank you to The Lazy Organizer for hosting.

1. Floss – was going great but have been a bit slack this week, will make efforts to improve

2. Looking after feet – going well, not every night but most

3. Drinking more water and one cup of milk daily – going very well and the milk is becoming more of a habit now also………..I make it milkshake and that way it is more appealing to me………will have to work on making healthier shakes than nesquik though

4. Eat 6 servings of fruit and veg a day – this is so hard but I am working on it……..I find if I put out some fruit and veg on the counter, I grab pieces as I walk past so I like doing that and vow to do it every day – same as last week – still struggling……will try harder

5. Give up sugar popcorn – I didn’t eat sugar popcorn at all last week – hoorah

6. Write in my journal daily – getting there but still not a daily habit yet

7. To start baking my own bread instead of buying it – no I didn’t do it but in my defense, the migraine took a big chunk of week out – will work on it this week as well as………
my new habit……………

8. Finding healthy, delicious, and filling breakfasts for my kids ( see last post)

Good luck to everyone else with their new weekly habits…….seeya next week.

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  1. The shake is a good way to get your milk in. Montserrat at has a link to a “magic milkshake” recipe. It’s very good if you follow the directions.

    Thanks for stopping by-good luck with breakfast this week.

  2. Good luck this week. You have a few things listed that I never even think about! I think I’ve found a few good ideas. Thanks! : )

  3. It looks like you are doing good on your habits – good for you! Thanks for the rice pudding recipe. I like it but never think to make it. I’ve got some other breakfast recipes filed away on my computer. Let me know if you’d be interested. Good luck this week!

  4. Wombat loves porridge – with SULTANAS (can’t leave them out – even if he isn’t feeling like the oatmeal, he will eat some while picking the fruit out!) I add a spoonful of honey before I take it off the stove, and a spoonful of yoghurt after it’s in the bowl – it’s so yummy I make enough for me too!

  5. I’m sorry you were having trouble getting to my comments link but glad you got through. Btw, I think calling your kids Charlie & Lola is the cutest thing. I hope my little boy & girl have a relationship similar to that of the cartoon – so sweet. Anyways, I’d be happy to share some recipes with you. Can you send me you e-mail address? I just don’t think they’d be able to fit in the comments section. My e-mail is

  6. Wow! Good job on your goals! I am not very good at breakfasts either. I get in ruts and it gets really boring!

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