Home Sweet Home

I must say how much I love my little town. It is the place I have always been looking for, the place where I would raise my kids. I have only lived here for just over two years but it already feels like home. Despite being a small town, it has a great library,I love the park, with three playgrounds and various activities throughout the summer, the outdoor pool with a great toddler pool, the surrounding views and most of all my church.

The people are so friendly and they are dedicated to their youth ministry which I think is very necessary in a church. Our Pastor was ill this Sunday and as there wasn’t time for anyone to step in, we watched a Ed Young Sn sermon on family and children(I have watched Ed Young Jn before but never his father). Wow, was it powerful, I was sad and cried, and I also felt inspired to be a better mother and pay more attention to the world around me. It is hard for me to put into words the feeling of the sermon but he was talking about how children always pay the price for all human failing. If there is famine its the children that starve to death first, in war the children are the biggest casualties (more children die in war than soldiers), in divorce the children pay the highest emotional price, etc etc and how little value we put on our children. There should be a public outcry if one child dies from hunger or one child is abused yet thousands are daily and nothing is done, we just carry on with our lives. I felt ashamed of this but yet the message was start at home………you have been given God’s highest gift when you are blessed with children and you must treat them with the respect that they deserve. Children are like wet cement, and good or bad when you make a stamp on them, it stays with them forever, it sets into who they are. How are you going to permanently “stamp” your children and the children around you????

I find what I have written ironic as today Lola is pushing all my buttons. She was up for hours last night (we are trying to get her to stay in her crib at nights and not in the bed) and is now very cranky this morning and of course, being extremely tired I am not at my most patient! I am also trying to wean her but that is going aside today……..neither of us has the patience for it.

Though last night she said “my book”, another two words together. As my son has speech delay problems, this is all very exciting to me. Lola is barely 18 months old and I am amazed at how switched on she is. She is showing more signs of being ready for potty training than her brother. Her brother is great at sharing with her but to teach Lola sharing, I give Charlie’s snacks to her to give to him so she gets use to handing things to him and she loves the praise she gets!

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