McDonalds or Not?

I read this interesting bit of news over at Family Health and Nutrition

I read about an interesting study today done with preschoolers and McDonald’s food.

They gave the children two sets of the EXACT same food from McDonald’s. The only difference was that one set had McDonald’s wrappers and other had plain wrappers. The food in the McDonald’s wrappers won EVERY TIME!

The children always thought the food in the McDonald’s wrappers tasted better than the one in the plain wrapper even though it was the same McDonald’s food in each.

Goes to show you how influential marketing can be not just for children, but for all of us!

Now I just need to find out where they keep the stash of McDonald’s wrappers, bags and cups and my fussy kids eating problems will be over…………………can you buy that stuff??? I wonder whether it would really work, if you put healthy alternatives that you had made inside McDonald’s wrappers………..mmmmmmmmmmmm!

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