Healthy kid snacks

Over at “And miles to go……” she has come up with some healthy kid snacks and asked us what our ideas are. I thought this was a great idea to look into, especially as my kids seem to like snacks more than mealtimes. At least if the snacks are healthy and nutritious I won’t feel so bad about them having snacks instead (and believe I don’t need anymore guilt right now as I am still reeling from how bad TV is for kids and that it can affect their speech………so its my fault that Charlie is speech delayed, maybe????). Anyway, here are some ideas that I am going to try out this week, though it does seem the more effort I put into something the less they like it……………whats up with that?

sidenote – Charlie loves my homemade bread – yeah I feel like I have won some great award!

Ants on boats – Cut a few apple wedges and spread thinly with peanut butter.  Add a few raisins over the peanut butter and enjoy.  You can also use cream cheese instead of peanut butter.


Fruit on a Stick – Cut up a bunch of different fruits such as apples, bananas, kiwis, mango and add a few grapes.  Thread them onto a skewer for a delicious summer time treat.  To make it a little more special add a few pieces of marshmallows between the fruit.

(tried this already but made it with friut and cheese for lunch and it was a BIG hit)

Quick Banana Ice – Take a few bananas and mash them in a bowl. Cover and place in the freezer for about 30 minutes. Remove from freezer, fluff up with fork for a healthy, ice cream like treat.


Pitta Pizza – Spread a little tomato sauce on a pitta bread and cut into small triangular pieces.  Top with a little grated cheese and place in a moderately heated oven for about 5 to 10 minutes until the cheese melts and starts to bubble.


Sweet Tortilla Shapes – Using small fun shaped cookie cutters cut fun shapes out of a tortilla (wrap). Place on non stick cookie sheet and lightly brush with a little butter.  Lightly sprinkle (you only need a little) with a mixture of 1 part cinnamon and 3 parts brown sugar and bake in a moderately hot oven for 10 minutes for a sweet and crispy treat.


Frozen Mandarin Wedges – Peel a few mandarin slices and cover in plastic wrap.  Place in the freezer for about an hour for a thirst quenching treat.


Banana Wheels – Place a cup or so of cheerios in a plastic bag and using the back of your hand or a rolling pin flatten until mixture resembles fine crumbs.  Slice a banana into rounds and place a few at a time in the plastic bag.  Shake lightly to cover the banana pieces (banana wheels) with the cheerios mixture.

I think I will have better luck with a honey graham mixture………..


Mini Wraps – Lightly spread a tortilla with a little cream cheese and place one or two slices of thin ham or turkey over the cream cheese.  Roll tightly and cut into small rounds.


Jiggly Fruit – Make a portion of strawberry flavored jello per package instructions and place in the fridge for about 30 minutes.  Open and drain a can of fruit cocktail and add to the jello and mix.  Place back in the fridge until jello is fully set.


Pick and Mix – Kids seem to really enjoy finger foods rather than eating too much of one thing.  A great snack is to place a selection of finger foods on a serving plate and let the kids choose.  You can serve a combination of foods like carrot sticks, cucumber rounds, cherry tomatoes, pretzels or pretzel sticks, small savory crackers, bread sticks, little cubes or slices of cheese, small slices of ham or turkey, grapes and other pieces of cut up fruit, mini muffins, and dried fruit such as raisins or apricots. 

Can’t wait to try these out, in fact some of them are more like lunch to my kids. I think the  banana ice sounds delicious and can’t wait to try it today.



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  1. yum!! what great ideas!! I’ll have to use some of those for my kids. Thanks for stopping by to check out mine 🙂

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