I am so excited. I spoke to the pre-school I want Charlie to go into September and they said they are willing to accept him even if he is not yet “fully” potty trained. (At first I was told he had to be potty trained and we are not having too much success right now so I didn’t think he would be able to start in Sept) They even said they will encourage him and they think that the incentive of school will help with it….yeah! So in September Charlie will be going to regular pre-school twice and a week and he will also attend the early learning intervention pre-school twice a week – wow……….I am really going to miss my little boy………..but now on the bright side, Lola will get some one on one time and I may even get a bit more time to myself, again yeah!

I am so happy about this pre-school because it is a co-op so I will have to be very hands on and actually help out one or two times a month as well as evening meetings etc. My only worry about this, was I have Lola and I didn’t really know what to do with her but the other great news was, they told me as long as she isn’t a problem (!!!) I can bring her. My only fear is, that she is going to love it and want to go all the time not just once or twice a month!!!

Did my little happy dance when I got off the phone…………

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  1. YAY I know you are so excited! I hope it does help with his potty training. I haven’t really gone there except on occasion and we have NO luck whatsoever lol. Maybe one day!

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