TV – the cause of Autism????????????

So I feel in the name of fairness I should mention this article, found in Time magazine by ataleoftwotots.   I have been debating whether to give my kids anymore vaccines due to the possible link between  them and autism. This article, though has no medical evidence to support it (but then we have no clear medical evidence to support that vaccines – not that I have found – are the cause of autism either) claims that TV may be the cause of autism – interesting article especially in light of todays news that baby Einsteins DVD’s and such like, that we have all been using as teaching tools for our kids may actually be delaying their speech instead of helping…………………..time to turn of the TV…………urghhhhhhh that’s even worse news that the vaccines link……only joking!

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  1. Hmmm… “today’s news” sounds like someone is still watching TV… CAUGHT YOU!!! Go read a book! 😉

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