Broken tooth

So I was at my long awaited Indian meal saturday when I took the first bite and half my tooth fell out (most of you will be sorry that you are reading this as my “friend” running stitch thinks I say this word tooth extremely funny….mmmmmm!!!) anyway, I was totally bummed BUT it didn’t stop me eating LOL. Luckily for me, the tooth actually didn’t hurt but the sharp edge cut my tongue so my mouth, well tongue, was extremely sore for days until I was able to get into the dentist. I know why people fear dentists as I went through hell and back for two hours! I felt like I was being tortured but yet no-one was requesting any information from me, and believe me I would have told him anything he wanted to know!!!!! He kept injecting me but it didn’t seem to make any difference, it hurt like hell when he was drilling away at the cavity that was left in the tooth (apparently it was really near the nerve). let’s just say I am SO glad it is over……………well until I need to go back and get it capped……………….and yes the Indian was worth it (and the vicodin helped!). They actually sent me home without a prescription but the next morning with a extremely sore mouth I was on the phone saying I think you forgot to give me a prescription, to which they answered we will ring it in now, thank you!

and yes I know I used the word extremely very often in this post!

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