Charlie’s “late” birthday party

A little under two weeks late Charlie had his birthday party. I find it ironic that on a day you want the kids to enjoy, you are at your most stressed (as you have cookies to bake, a cake to make and things to tidy), therefore the kids, which seem to know this, act up the most……….or is it just that you have little patience to deal with them…………..? Anyway, I think Charlie enjoyed his party anyway despite the stressful start to the day.

This is the cake I made for him (as dinosaurs are his favorite)

charlie's birthday cake

Here he is unwrapping Miss Q’s birthday gift with a bit of help…..

unwrapping gifts

and despite all the toys we have here, apparently the grass is always greener on the other side….

all four

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  1. Love the cake honey – you just surprise me every day!! Hope Charlie had the best birthday yet, sure he won’t mind his party being a little late, he probably thinks that it should be celebrated for longer than one day anyway! (at least that’s what I’m hoping because I’m sooo late with his present!)
    Take care xxxxx big kisses to Charlie and Lola xxxxx

  2. It looks GREAT!!! Wow, I am VERY impressed. There is no way that is your first cake! Ok.. the competition is on for the next set of birthdays! You are giving me a run for my money. 😉 I hope Charlie had a very happy non-birthday. We sure miss you guys. Mickey got Charlie a present ages ago and I have not got around to sending it. I feel terrible but you no how it is. Before kids getting to the post office was no big deal, now it is a major event that takes ages to plan. Well, maybe we will just deliver it in person when we visit.

  3. What a supper mommy you are! Love the cake! and cute pics of the kidlets.

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