Toddler Tuesday

Had another disaster art and craft session with the kids, well I should say toddlers, as I keep forgetting this fact! Who in there right mind would think that glue, sand, dried beans, kool-aid and toddlers would be anything but a nightmare waiting to happen………….and they didn’t disappoint! Craft session – 10 minutes. Clear up – 1 hour! We had to have baths and long ones for the kool-aid to come off their skin, I had to wash the high chair cover, hose down the chair outside and clean the mats under their chairs, etc etc………………….alright so I am finally learning my lesson………..I think! Here is a pic of Charlie artwork…..

Charlie artwork

and Lola’s

lola artwork

The problem is I am too keen to do craft work with them (I have two large storage bins of stuff that I am saving for arts and crafts ie paper towels tubes, cereal boxes, juice cartons, egg boxes etc etc) that I keep jumping ahead of myself (and them!). So it is time to slow down and think before we start so from now on Tuesday is going to be my day when I find four activities that I intend to do with the kids this week and I think writing down will make me think about it before I do it…………………..or at least one of my friends can write what are you thinking about!!! So feel free to pass on any ideas…………..age appropriate, of course!

Here are the four for this week, taken from ataleoftwotots, she has lots of great ideas and I am hoping that she will join me in this Toddler Tuesday?? Save me having to steal all her ideas (luckily she is one of my closest friends so I don’t think she minds…….????LOL). Most of these are outdoor activies but this works for us as most of the time we are outside anyway!

Spraying water and wiping
A water sprayer, a cloth and access to windows or other surfaces to clean can be a popular summertime activity.

Fun with Ice:

Add food coloring to water and put in ice cube trays. When frozen put in a plastic bag and let your child watch the colors blend

Rock Waves:

Collect various size rocks. Show your child how to drop them in a bucket of water to see the splash. Drop it up high and down low. Watch how little rocks and big rocks make different splashes. – This should be a hit seeing as their two faourite things in the world right now are rocks and water!

Color Search:

Take a colored piece of paper or color on paper yourself. Show it to your child and tell him your going to have a hunt. Go around the house together looking for items in the same color. Carry a paper bag or basket to collect items. If they don’t fit in the bag, simply point them out. Once your child knows their colors you can have them dig through the bag and have them match items and set them on the corresponding colored paper.

I will let you know how it works out…………….and maybe with pics…..!

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  1. I totally agree that some art projects are just not made for toddlers. They say they are, but they are just not.
    Bug and I have attended several art classes at the local art center in our town and I have to say, I love them. He can get messy and I don’t have to worry about clean up at all. It has also helped me to try to relax a bit when he gets paint on him, or marker, etc… I think the first class I was trying to help him do it the way I would do the art project and now I just sit back..(well try too). The way he spreads glue still gets me all stressed out. LOL. He gets it everywhere but on the item he is trying to stick it too.

  2. […] Last week I started a toddler Tuesday where I come up with four different activities that I can do with both […]

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