No TV………..well for kids

My kids are on their ninth day of no TV, yes you read that right! I have cut them off (not the parents though…………as soon as both kids are in bed the TV is on….unfair yes but that’s life!!!). They are doing amazingly well though Charlie misses Curious George and sometimes I feel so bad for him that I am almost tempted to turn him on. I just don’t want Charlie to think we are punishing him………… far as he knows the TV is broken. Whilst I am definitely more exhausted at the end of the day (I have to work a lot harder to keep them entertained as I have lost the best babysitter EVER!)but I am seeing a lot of good results from this. Charlie has gone back to taking his naps daily and without any fuss, which is totally amazing. The kids play together a lot more and I am seeing a lot more calmer play from Charlie. The evenings are SO much calmer. The evenings use to be chaotic. The kids would be making the fuss, wanting attention and just generally miserable so the TV would be turned up. It would seem everyone was being loud to be heard over the TV, the kids, me wanting to talk to Dad or him wanting to talk to me and the TV just seemed to be getting louder and louder. Now the evenings are relaxed so whatever happens the TV will not be turned back on during those hours. I don’t know how long this will last, I am taking it hour by hour but I am proud of myself for how long we have gone so far.

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  1. Wow that is awesome! Anna doesn’t like the tv so I haven’t had to worry about it yet. Although she did enjoy watching So You Think You Can Dance lol. She likes the music and watching them dance. Other than that she could care less. So I will have it on but turned down so that I can have company lol.

  2. Good for you guys. I could not survive with out the TV from time to time….but Bug sleeps well still and does ok with it in the evening…but if it was like how you described at your home in my home I too would be saying the TV was broken.

    And the Adults getting to watch TV is one of the rewards for parents. We deserve it…and when our kids are all grown they will understand what we mean. LOL

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